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Medical Oncology

Cancer and Precision Medicine

Cancer is a disease derived from genetic variation. In the process of cancerization into malignant cells, all normal cells produce genetic mutations, which in turn affect the abnormal expression of the protein of the gene, and gradually develop a series of tumor characteristics, which eventually lead to cancer.

Precision medicine is to focus on biomarkers related to tumor characteristics. Through a new generation of detection methods, we can understand the heterogeneity of tumors and tailor the most suitable treatment strategies according to the individual differences of each patient.

Targeted therapy

Hormone therapy



How to find out the best treatment strategy?

How to best interpret your tumor characteristics and assist clinicians to develop the best treatment strategy for you?

Gene mutation analysis


Gene mutation + Protein expression analysis

With available Treatment options

Without available Treatment options

Study showed that only 27% of patients have one or more treatment options available based on gene mutation test results. With tumor protein expression analysis, overall treatment option benefit is increased to 92%. Synchronized analysis of gene mutation and protein expression allows a more comprehensive interpretation of tumor characteristics, providing the most relevant medication information and guiding clinicians in their treatment decision making.

Is conventional Cancer Genetic Testing sufficient?

Advantages of OncoDNA New Generation Cancer Genetic Testing

1 Dual analysis: tissue and blood samples

A Combined analysis of tissue biopsy and blood sample within one testing, providing more comprehensive information regarding tumor molecular profiling

2 Immunogram

A combined analysis of five prediction biomarkers, providing the most complete prediction on immunotherapy outcomes

CD8 expression analysis

Tumor mutational burden (TMB) analysis

PD-L1 expression analysis

Microsatellite instability (MSI) analysis

Specific mutation hotspots (MUT) analysis

3 Customized analysis : blood monitoring

Real-time adjustment for the most appropriate treatment option

OncoDNA New Generation Cancer Genetic Testing

When to use OncoDNA New Generation Cancer Genetic Testing?

When the cancer is diagnosed
What kind of treatment is the best for me?

Assists the clinicians in selecting the most appropriate medication



Hormone therapy

Targeted therapy

What if the front-line treatment does not provide intended effect or metastases are found?

Assists clinicians to comprehensively assess the current status of cancer treatment and adjust treatment strategies accordingly

When surgical tumor biopsy is no longer available, how to assess the treatment effect?

Utilize the blood testing to monitor the effect of targeted therapy For lung cancer, breast cancer or colon cancer patients

When it comes to the Long-term personalized monitoring of cancer

Tailor-made monitoring analysis is designed on the unique molecular signature of each patient.

OncoDNA Personalized Cancer Genetic Testing Package

I want to learn more about the opportunities for my potential treatment and the monitoring for my curative effect. How can I "customize" a personalized tumor genetic testing for myself?

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