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Custom Microarray


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  • Micro-drip technology
  • Low-heat bubble inkjet processing technology

  • Precision distribution technology

Customized process

Customization based on 5W1H for the best cost-effectiveness

Phalanx Biotech combines Custom Microarray with standard test service systems to provide Custom Microarray design and manufacturing, as well as Custom Microarray sampling and testing with our streamlined operation - real “one-stop” service from sample testing to data analysis.

Why Custom Microarray?
Before making the decision of Custom Microarray, it is recommended to start by searching for standard products available. For example, Human OneArray® is a more economical option when gene expression profiling the human stomach. The difference is the acquisition of back-end data analysis. When all available standard products do not satisfy the needs or cannot work as a replacement, the application of Custom Microarray is to be considered.
What is involved in Custom Microarray?

When Custom Microarray is required, the base materials (such as glass sheet, IC microarray, other material), arranged substances (such as oligonucleotide, RNA, DNA, protein, peptides), and the number of products have been taken into consideration.

As each platform and bonding is different, the operation is started by understanding the needs, then followed by a technical discussion with engineers to assess feasibility, success rate, relative risk and cost.

Which Custom Microarray do I need?
When both parties agree to proceed following the preliminary assessment, early test production is required. During this process, optimization may be performed for base materials or arranged substances in terms of production specification/parameters, and the definition of quality testing procedures and standards.
Where/When to use Custom Microarray?
When your need for microarray customization, please contact the sales rep of Phalanx Biotech with phone or e-mail, we’re pleased to serve you.
How to use Custom Microarray?
Do not hesitate to share your thoughts about the Custom Microarray with Phalanx Biotech! We hope that every new product created provides optimized utility and value. We look forward to the knowledge sharing when the data of your microarray is published.

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