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Congenital Cytomegalovirus(CMV) Infection Screening

Cytomegalovirus infection causes congenital erroneous development of central nervous system. Conducting the test in two weeks following birth better excludes an acquired cytomegalovirus infection.

What is congenital cytomegalovirus?

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a virus practically found everywhere. It is the most common cause of congenital infection. CMV can be vertically transmitted the newborn by placenta, or by the first or further breast milk. Statistical data shows that approximately 8% of congenital hearing impairment is associated with CMV infection. Pregnant women receiving the first infection at early pregnancy has approximately one third chance to transmit by placenta.

Of the newborns infected by CMV, approximately 20% show central nervous system disorder, including 12.6% with gradual development of hearing impairment. In Asia, up to 70-90% Asians are infected.

Clinical symptoms of infection

Neonatal CMV infection

According to statistical data, 0.6~6.1% of newborns are infected with CMV. Of these newborns, 15% develop early symptoms. For the 85% without early symptoms, 10-20% develop late-onset hearing impairment and some develop visual loss. Therefore, CMV screening is essential.

Route of infection


  • All newborns
  • Concerned of neonatal hearing impairment
  • Newborns from a family of two or more diagnosed with sensory hearing impairment
  • Mothers without prior CMV screening
  • Pregnant women concerned of CMV infection
  • Medical personnel or pregnant women as caregivers or preschool teachers who have higher risk of carrying the virus home

Time of screening

In 2 weeks after birth to discriminate between intrauterine and postnatal infections.

Screening procedure


Genetic consultation and education


Writing informed consent for neonatal gene screening


Collect blood sample from the newborn’s heel


Gene analysis report

This screening is a collaboration project by Phalanx Biotech and GenePhile Bioscience Laboratory (Ko’s Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic). All tests are carried out by GenePhile Bioscience Laboratory.

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