Pediatrics Genetic Testing

Dual platform technology for effective investigation of the pathogeny, helping doctors with medical decisions

Chromosomal Microarray Analysis for DD/ID (Cyto-82)

Specifically designed for Asian genes, it is developed to screen for developmental delay, intellectual disorder, as well as 82 small CNVs and nearly 100 large CNVs and aneuploidy disorders.

Chromosomal Microarray Analysis for DD/ID (Cyto-390)

Phalanx Biotech collaborated with clinicians and genetic medicine experts in the design and development of pediatric chromosomal microarray to detect DNA microamplification and microdeletions within the full genome. This one microarray provides screening for 390 hereditary disorders arising from CNVs, and features excellent discriminative power and sensitivity.

Whole Exome Sequencing for DD/ID

By combining the advantages of “Chromosomal Microarray Analysis for DD/ID (Cyto-390)” and “Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) for DD/ID”, it is possible to conduct efficient investigation on the cause of disorders including CNVs and SNVs. The result of analysis supports the physician in determining the condition and providing the best management.

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