Phalanx Biotech Group提供全面的Real-time PCR服务(也称为定量PCR服务或qPCR服务),包括基因表达、miRNA表达、SNP基因分型、拷贝数变异和绝对定量。qPCR是最广泛使用的核酸定量和基因分型技术。由于优化的试剂、仪器和分析软体,可轻松协助客户生成具有高再现性、动态范围的高质量数据。


Gene Expression Real-Time qPCR Services

  • Services available in TaqMan or SYBR Green chemistries.
  • Our SYBR Green assay design and optimization workflow includes testing for the correct product size and specificity via gel electrophoresis and melt curve analysis. We will also test the amplification efficiency of each assay using standard curves.
  • Traditional reference genes such as GAPDH and 18S are not suitable in all experiments. We can identify reference genes in your experiment by measuring the expression of a group of candidate reference genes and choosing the most stable gene(s).

miRNA expression Real-Time qPCR Services

  • Services available with TaqMan miRNA Assays and TaqMan Advanced miRNA Assays.
  • Both chemistries can discriminate between miRNAs that differ by a single nucleotide.
  • We are experts in the detection of miRNAs in biofluid samples (serum, plasma, etc.)
  • Traditional endogenous control small RNAs such as U6 might not be suitable in all experiments. Furthermore, U6 and other snRNAs are not available for TaqMan Advanced miRNA Assays. We will identify suitable internal controls in your experiment by measuring the expression of a group of candidate miRNAs. The most stable miRNA will be used for normalization of your miRNA targets-of-interest.

Qiagen PCR Array Real-Time (qPCR) Services

  • Simple, fast, targeted qPCR arrays.
  • The RT2 Profiler PCR Arrays (for gene expression) target over 200 biological processes and diseases, such as cancer drug targets, stem cell signaling, cell death, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and the cell cycle.
  • The RT2 Profiler PCR Array system is also amenable to custom array construction. These services are available for a wide array of species in a variety of plate formats.
  • The miScript miRNA PCR Arrays target over 20 biological processes and diseases, such as B and T cell activation, breast cancer, and apoptosis.

SNP Genotyping Real-Time (qPCR) Services

  • SNP genotyping via qPCR is a more simplified workflow compared to direct sequencing.
  • We can perform SNP genotyping using predesigned TaqMan SNP assays.
  • If your SNP is novel, then we can assist in designing and ordering a Custom TaqMan SNP assay.
  • Please submit ~20ng DNA per sample per SNP.

Copy Number Variation Real-Time (qPCR) Services

  • Fast copy number quantification using the TaqMan Copy Number Variation workflow.
  • The TaqMan Copy Number Variation system can discriminate between 0-5 copies of your target.
  • If you expect copy numbers greater than 5, then see our Absolute Quantification services below.
  • Experiments require a target assay, reference assay, and a calibrator sample of known target copy number.
  • Reference and target assays are readily available for Human and Mouse samples.
  • Please contact us if you are testing a species other than Human or Mouse.  We can look into the availability of custom target and reference assays.

Absolute Quantification Real-Time (qPCR) Services

  • Services available in TaqMan or SYBR Green chemistries.
  • Send us your Standard sample, e.g. plasmid, PCR amplified product, or in vitro-transcribed RNA.
  • We'll perform the calculations and dilutions necessary to generate the Standard Curve.
  • Based on the Standard Curve results, we'll quantify the copy numbers of your Unknown samples.


  • qPCR服务可用于基因表达、miRNA表达、基因分型、拷贝数变异和绝对定量应用。
  •  我们的科学家和实验室人员是TaqMan和SYBR Green实验的专家。
  •  我们在SYBR Green试验设计和优化方面拥有丰富的经验。我们也可以根据您的要求使用预先设计的SYBR Green或TaqMan进行检测。
  •  我们可以为您的表达实验确定合适的内源性对照(Internal control)。
  •  我们可以在预先设计和定制的Qiagen RT2 Profiler和miScript miRNA PCR Arrays上提供qPCR服务。
  •  我们完整的qPCR服务工作流程包括RNA QC,特定应用样品处理,qPCR和根据您的特定需求进行数据分析。